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José Carbonell Furnitures, S.L.


The two labels shown below are the result of the continuous research of the application of new technologies. This allows us to fully guarantee the product, from our company and from different institutions dedicated to the research in that sphere as well.

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The application of raw materials imported from Germany such as the methacrylic from the brand “RÖHM” or the plating of 24 carats with a previous electrolytic bath to make the product more resistant make the finishing a characteristic of the Company Jose Carbonell S.L.. The products manufactured here have passed the strictest quality controls of AIDIMA satisfactorily. The controls were the following ones:

Test Norm
Structural resistance, tables. UNE  11014
Stability, tables. UNE  11015

Specifications and functional characteristics, tables.

UNE   11022

This research carried out by our departments will allow us, in the near future, to set-up the procedures ISO, thus enabling us to compete in a market more and more competitive and productive everyday.


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